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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Take Me To Cabo

    One of the constants in life is change.
    The biggest change taking place today that is impacting land owners and developers is the diminishing value of the dollar. Today’s construction costs are going to look like a terrific bargain a year or two from now and rising rental rates will rise substantially because many developers will miss the boat.

    This is the time to talk to us here at Menze Building, because waiting will only take away from the profitability of the project. Get started now with our excellent team of Design/Build experts. We have the team, we have the expertise. We know what we are doing!

    It is ridiculous to waste time, money, and paper on plans and documents when it is so easy to do the work electronically. I understand that cities and other government agencies are approving plans electronically (or they are at least considering it). It is the sensible and green thing to do.

    (Check out our website at to get the details of exactly how to go about doing this.)

    Material and labor purchased today will look extremely cheap a year from now. The longer you wait the cheaper they will become. Rental rates will go higher because many developers are afraid to start. Therefore, the rental rates will go up because of the law of supply and demand. So get started now while the gettin’s good! Enlightened developers will want to start as soon as possible to take advantage of this situation!!

    The Design/Build system is the fastest and least expensive way to build and produces the best looking projects. It starts with a Square Foot cost estimate which is fast and accurate using RSMeans Consulting. Then a property manager can forecast the rental income and expenses which will give you the value of the property. Then, if everything looks good, start with Design/Build Contract using RSMeans Consulting numbers. If the actual costs vary, then the contract varies accordingly.

    The Design/Build team is composed of the Developer, Property Manager, Architect, and the Design/Build staff who will provide management information to a locally developed building team which performs better for less than “out-of-towners”.

    Visit and peruse our site for all the biographies of our team members, projects already accomplished, Performa details, services available and some inspiration to get you going in the right direction. The direction of building with Menze to set you on the right road for a better, more secure retirement.